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Take a stand, without saying a Word!

In the light of current events, and more and more people standing up for what is right, and standing up and speaking out as new fact are released about current world events around the C19 "plandemic" I have created a handful of designs to make a statement without saying a word in relation to this glorified flu that obviously is a political tool and bio weapon used as a power grab for politicians and the like.

It is my belief that the more people are aware of it, and can have an impact on being top of mind and making people research it and think for themselves. If your voice carried no weight,.... They (big tech, big Pharma) wouldn't be trying to silence you.

Therefore, I have created, and will continue to create new designs that you can proudly wear on your persons, and also apparel and merchandise for everyday use. Here are some samples.....

The link is here:

And as a designer, I am open to any requests for NEW designs or IN-Demand designs that you would like to see made.

Cheers everyone.

Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom – and no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech. ----Benjamin Franklin


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