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Advertising on Nextdoor,... is it worth it?

I recently posted about how to use the BARK platform, and got some nice feedback from people who NEEDED to see that video to HELP their business or service. I'm glad my experience can HELP people make some informed decisions....

This next video aims to help people understand what it is like to advertise on the NEXTDOOR app/site, and see if it is a good fit for your product, good, or service.

I go over MY personal experience using the site, and share an HONEST review of the platform.

Video here:

As always,. if you have needs in your marketing efforts that are NOT being met.. you can consult with me directly, and I will diagnose with you what may be some of your sticking points,.. and if you want to find someone that might be certified in the advertising platform of your choice, you will find a GROWING list of talent,. from all over the world, and budgets as low as $10 to $20 dollars for some marketing tasks here.....


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