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Why You Should Know How to Move Your Crypto (Especially After Recent Events)

Let's talk about crypto wallets and exchange custody. You might be wondering, "Isn't it easier to just keep my crypto on the exchange where I bought it?" The answer is, it can be easier in the short term, but there are some major advantages to taking control of your crypto with your own wallet, especially during times of fraud and regulation.

Why Move Your Crypto Off Exchanges?

Recent events surrounding the Kucoin platform serve as a stark reminder of this. Here's why you should consider moving your crypto:

  • Security: Centralized exchanges are attractive targets for hackers. By keeping your crypto on an exchange, you're essentially trusting their security measures. Having your crypto in your own wallet gives you more control over its security.

  • Control: With your own wallet, you have complete control over your crypto. You can transfer it freely, use it for DeFi applications, or simply hold it securely. Exchanges may restrict your ability to do some of these things.

  • Peace of Mind: Especially after situations like the recent Kucoin investigation, having your crypto in your own wallet can give you peace of mind. You won't be reliant on the exchange's operations or potential limitations.

All of these things might seem ok, but CRYPTO is the WILD WILD WEST.. and right now, there is not much regulation around this new speculative asset, so ANYTHING can happen.

Watch this video where I show you HOW to move your Cryptos step-by-step.

a safer exchange, or a web 3 wallet, or cold storage wallet (offline)

Now that you know HOW and WHY you should move your CRYPTOS, it is up to YOU to custody them, because it is up to YOU to control now.

If you are interested in a COLD storage wallet, I use this one here and LOVE the functionality of this one. you can find out more here:

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