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Money follows attention...

So grab some attention, with striking bold imagery. Looking for more than a basic plain white product shot? sure, sometimes it might be necessary, and some sites like Etsy, Amazon, and E-bay the main or hero image MUST have a white background, But for your own website and social media, people whom are looking for more engaging and visually striking images that stop people in their scrolling to get a closer look. I offer the following service on my website. shooting a product in an interesting way,. and then, animating that product.

See examples below:

HOW is it done?

This image is produced by shooting first, the still image,.. then isolating the elements, the shoe, the background, the particles, so they all have an individual layer that can move rotate and tilt to produce the illusion of depth and volume. It can be done on various smartphone apps, or in desktop apps like, After Effects, et al.

If your product could benefit from creative images that stand out and get noticed, try this technique and see if it doesn't get you more engagement on your posts and keep people coming back for more.

If you want to have this technique done for you, contact me TODAY and let's make it happen.





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