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Results matter,, not so much.....

Any photographer that is worth his salt or has been shooting for long enough would know that the key to shooting reflective surfaces is all about managing reflections. In this particular instance, I had a client that invested around 10k in a machine he thought would save him from hiring an expert,

Lo and behold, he could not achieve the result he desired from his fancy 10,000 machine. I am not opposed to these machines that automate the e-commerce process and try to speed up the workflow. The problem still arises that if you do not know how to USE the tools you have, you won't Achieve the result you desire. I knew I could get those results, and I knew how to do it, using stuff I purchased at the craft store.

Anyone can OWN a paintbrush,.. but can Everyone craft a masterpiece with it?

You can see my BTS- Behind the Scenes video here:

Hopefully, If you are working on projects, or trying to sell something online or otherwise, and you are in a situation like this person, you will reach out for help from an expert, at the very least, you may learn something that can help you in the long run, and save you lots of time and expenses.

If you are in need of product photography or videography, in the Orange County area, please reach out to me, I'd love to share my expertise in this field and help you with your needs.

You can see here the images I created for this person



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