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Legislation is NOT LAW.. never was,. never will be.

Legislation is NOT LAW

Congress is not capable of passing LAWS,..Congress is a corporation, and the US Government is a Corporation,.. and Furthermore YOU ARE A CORPORATION.

If you have a STRAWMAN name, and a BIRTH CERTIFICATE, and a SOCIAL-SECURITY-CARD, and your given name is written in ALL CAPS, in BLACK INK.. then yes YOU are a bonded corporation. I have more post that discuss this in detail. anyways, on to the topic at hand...

Everything you encounter is a corporate contract, drivers license, social security card, and so on and so forth. It is IMPERATIVE to know that NO preventive intervention nor, Diagnostic intervention may be issued without consent,.. IE, Masks, injections, PCR tests, ALL of it!

You must have sh*t for brains if you saw what happened 3 years ago, and Learned NOTHING from it. Damn near EVERY aspect from the COVID PLANdemic was horrific, things like this are well planned out as referenced in this video here:

The PLANDEMIC documentaries do a great job of explaining the PLAN, the HOAX, .. the SCAM,. the medical tyranny.. you may find the video here:

Medical Confidentiality:

All vaccine enforcement that demands to know YOUR medical status, is BREAKING THE LAW.

Medical confidentiality, is a human right. You could site many papers, articles and court cases covering this, or just research "Nurumberg"

There are talks of NEW mandates and lockdowns to be rumored to be happening in the next few months of Winter 2024, so this topic is VERY important.

You must know your rights and draw your line in the sand. If you do enough research you can connect the dots, and see this is a WORLDWIDE plan and crime what the connected elites are doing to the human race.

If there is any question as to if the Vaccines are "SAFE and EFFECTIVE,. lest you watch the documentary "DIED SUDDENLY" first... before you come to a conclusion.

Reference Video:



If you know your rights,. you must also know when they are being Violated. Most people seem to have no clue about this important topic.

And extremely important in the times we live in today as we approach another rumour of lockdowns and mandates.

I know my rights and I stood up for myself every instance where someone told me to where a mask. I did not back down and in some cases people were upset because I did not comply, and other cases, they refused me service, and I NEVER revisited their business.

One of the most powerful videos you will watch

The Author has his books on amazon for a VERY reasonable price, if you wish to purchase a physical copy for yourself you may find it here:

If you are a biblical scholar, or well versed in the bible, or have Christian beliefs and values, you may appreciate the correlation here.

You should feel empowered NOW

Now that you know YOU have the POWER,. and YOU have the RIGHT to chose for yourself over ANY mandate or "POLICY"

The choice is YOURS, so make the right ones.

I am FIRM believer in FREEDOM, and I create designs and merchandise to support my beliefs, and if this resonates with you too, be sure to view my merch store where I post my designs to spurn discussions and get the gears turning around free thought.

Here are a few of my favorite designs.


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